Wednesday, 29 February 2012

366 Day Photo Challenge - Week 8

Day 50 - Something you hate to do

Day 51 - Handwriting

Day 52 - A favourite photo of you

Day 53 - Where you work

Day 54 - Your shoes

Day 55 - Inside your bathroom cabinet

Day 56: Green

Friday, 24 February 2012

Friday Favourites - Blog I read

Sorry it's taken me so long between Friday Favourites!! With 3 boys, a very busy February and March and as much running as possible, I have little time for the computer at the moment.

But here is my latest addition!!

My 5 favourite 5 blogs to read (in no particular order!)

A Baby Called Max
A baby called Max
I really enjoy read Cherie's blog, she is very honest and quite funny and I feel like I've know her forever just from reading her blog. It is a blog she writes for her gorgeous little man Max. It's definately a must read!!!

Sunny + Scout
Over at Sunny + Scout Lou hosts Point + Shoot and is the maost amazing photographer, I really enjoy reading about her two sweet little girls!
A must read for amyone who enjoys photography and looking at gorgeous photos.

The Anderson Crew
the anderson crew
This blog is about an amazing woman, Emily, who had 6 children, 1 of whom is adopted, it is about her childrena nd her life and how greatful she is about everything she has. It makes you think about your own family and how wonderful what you have is!

Little Baby Garvin
Little Baby Garvin
A cute blog about a woman called Jessica's pregnancy and everything she experiences and the cutest week by week account of her pregnancy that has a gorgoeus picture of her each week with her cute blackboard. Which I think is now going to turn into a blog about her baby now that she has arrived.

Girls Gone Child
Girl's Gone Child
I find this blog amazing, I started reading it when Rebecca was pregnant with the twins. She is absolutely hilarious and her little family is gorgeous. She tells things as they are and it's really quite refreshing.

Next week's topic is Books I have read! (and I promise it will be next week, cross my heart!!)

I would love to here about some of your favourite blogs.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

366 Day Photo Challenge - Week 7

Day 43 - Inside your closet

Day 44 - Blue

Day 45 - Heart

Day 46 - Phone

Day 47 - Something new

Day 48 - Time

Day 49 - Drink

Saturday, 11 February 2012

366 Day Photo Challenge - Week 6

February 5th - 11th

Day 36 -10am

Day 37 - Dinner

Day 38 - Button

Day 39 - Sun

Day 40 - Front Door

Day 41 - Self Portrait

Day 42 - Makes you happy

Monday, 6 February 2012

366 Photo a Day Challenge - Week 5

Day 29 - In Your Fridge

Day 30 - Nature

Day 31 - You Again

Day 32 - Your view today

Day 33 - Words

Day 34 - Hands

Day 35 - Stranger

Friday, 3 February 2012

Friday Favourites - Kids Photos

Hey there, sorry I didn't do Friday Favourites last week we went away on a mini road trip fishing in Point Turton for the weekend before school went back. BUT here I am with this weeks edition.

It was VERY hard to pick just 5 pics that I love of the boys but here are 5 of my favs in no particular order:

Damon when he was about 14 months old before I cut that gorgeous hair

My fav pic from Tate and Damon's first photo session together

Cute pic of the kidlets at our recent photo shoot

My boys and my two little brothers in the school holidays

My fav birthday message from 5 years ago

Thanks for popping by, next week's Friday Favourites is Blogs!!! Don't forget to drop past and check it out.

Bye for now

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

366 Day Photo Challenge - Week 4

Day 22 - Your Shoes

Day 23 - Something Old

Day 24 - Guilty Pleasure

Day 25 - Something you made

Day 26 - Colour

Day 27 - Lunch

Day 28 - Light

366 Day Photo Challenge - Week 3

Day 15 - Happiness

Day 16 - Morning

Day 17 - Water

Day 18 - Something You Bought

Day 19 - Sweet

Day 20 - Someone you love
Day 21 - Reflection