Monday, 19 September 2011

Marathon Monday (Week 1)

Last year I turned 30!!!!! (I know 30!) Anyway that's not really this point of this post!
At my 30th birthday birthday I made a decision, a big decision!! I am going to run a marathon!!! CRAZY YOU SAY! Why yes I think I might be.

I have amazing inspiration. My grandfather was a Marathon runner and trained every morning and every night, running anywhere between 20-30km a day. He died when I was 11 and nothing would make me happier than to be able to follow in his footsteps.

My amazing grandfather!

So having made this huge decision, I enlisted the help of my uncle,he wrote me out a program and even came running with me at 5am most mornings
He ran a marathon a few years back and runs all the time, who better to ask to help me out?!?!?!

It was all going really well and lasted about 8 months THEN... I got lazy and it all stopped, so now I am going back to beginning and starting my training all over again, this time I was thinking, what better way to keep myself motivate than to share it with all of you!!! That way I am accountable!!

Mondays are rest days so on Mondays monday mornings I will weight myself, which means I have to go and buy a battery for the scales as they died. The other rest days are wednesdays and fridays for now but that will change a little as we get going. Sunday is long run days, and again as I get going these will get really long!!!!!! 

Week One
Tuesday 5km
Thursday 6.5km
Saturday 5km
Sunday 6.5Km

At this point I am not really interested in times so I won't include them but as I get to the point that I can comfortably run 18km, it will be more about times and improving them.

Ok so wish me luck!!!!! Watch out Tuesday I have 5km to smash!!!!!!! Eeek!!!

Friday, 16 September 2011

Proud Mummy Moment

Tonight we headed down to Pooraka Football Club for the AGM and the Junior Presentation Night. We started with the AGM, where my lovely Dad (who is the club President) suggested quite a number of times how much he would like me to be on the board. So you are now looking at one of the newest members of the Pooraka Football Club Junior Board.

Then after all the excitement of the AGM it was onto the Juniors Presentations. Firstly they started with the Under 7's, then onto the Under 8's.

First the votes were read out and the Under 8's Best and Fairest was announced..........................

                                                <Insert Proud Mummy Moment>

My little man Damon is the Under 8's Best and Fairest player for the 2011 season!!!!! OMG!!! How excting!!!!! I'm not sure who is more excited me or him.

He got his big fancy trophy and he also got a shield that he gets to keep for a whole year!!!

So proud right now.

Damon and his Trophy's

One proud Mummy and
 her little Super Star!!!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday
I have been following Wordless Wednesday on lots of blogs for a while now and am very excited to be participating for the first time. So check out Wordless Wednesday HERE!!!!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

All about us. Part 4

Little Ethan's not so little anymore. He will be 5 in November and starting school in Term 1 next year, which I am no where near ready for! Who gave these kids permission to grow up, Mama's not ready for this!!!

Anyway, more about Ethan.

I think that he is a little old man trapped inside a 4 and a half year old's body. He is wise beyond his years!! He idolises his big brothers, which I know they love but also get frustrated with at times.

He loves everything that his dad loves. His favourite music includes Metallica and Pendulum, I know what your thinking. Metallica, really????? He knows all the words to all the songs its actually quite amazing!! He also loves Star Wars and can pretty much explain any of the movies to you.

His favourite colour is yellow and he love Transformers and the Cars movies. You will often find Ethan quietly playing with his cars on his car mat in his room, and he can do this by himself for hours!!

He makes friends easily and everyone loves him, he is very easy going.

This is my littlest man.

Ethan posing for mum! (He's well trained!)

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

All about us. Part 3

Damon is my baby in the middle. He had a rough start to life, he was born at 32 weeks and was in hospital for 6 weeks. Normally premmies have to stay in hospital to at least thier due date but because he was doing so well we got sent home with daily midwife visits, which was fantastic!!! I will save the whole premmie story for another day!!!

My little Damon is now the healthiest of them all. Barely ever gets sick but is very clumsy, (He's had staples in his head 3 times!!!)

He is now 8 and a half and in year 2. He has Irlen Dyslexia and has struggled with school but now that he is at a new school who are fully supporting his style of learning he is finally thriving and loving school. Such a relief!!!

He LOVES Micheal Jackson and wanders around the house listening to his iPod fully of Michael Jackson songs. He is also a big fan of WWE and John Cena is his absolute favourite (who I might add is quite easy on the eye!)

He plays football and has more energy than anyone I have ever met!! He has recently been in his first musical theater preformance and OVED it and still sings all the songs!! Budding actor maybe????

He is one of the friendliest kids I know but finds it difficult to make friends but once your his friend you are one of the most important people in his world!!

So this is my Damon and I'm sure just like Tate you will hear much more about him!

Monday, 5 September 2011

All about us. Part 2.

Today is about Tate!!!!

Tate is my eldest son, he has just turned 10 and is in year 4.
He loves school and his favourite subjucts are Maths and Science, which I might add, he is quite good at. He loves to read and draw. His favourite colour is red and at the moment I can't tear him away from his iPod.

Lately I have been imagining what my boys will like as teenagers. I think Tate is going to be that teenager that is quiet and you will have to probe just to get a complete sentence from.

Tate has a great little sense of humour! He is becoming quite the little soccer player and he loves training and playing. I unfortunately know very little about soccer but love watching him play and love how excited he gets about it all.

So that is my Tate in a nutshell, I'm sure you will see and hear more about him as time goes on.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

All about us. Part 1

I thought it might be a nice idea to properly introduce myself and my boys to you all over these first few posts. So I thought I might start with me. Here goes:

My name is Erika and have 4 gorgeous boys in my life, my husband Damien and my 3 sons, (who I will introduce to you all seperately in thier own posts over the next few days).

I live in Radelaide, I lived in Perth with my parents for about 4 years when I was young but nothing beats Adelaide.

I am in my early 30's and a pisces, which pretty much describes me! I am a dreamer! I work full time in Funds Administration but would love to eventually finish the teaching degree I started and got half way through.

When I have any spare time I try to use it wisely, by doing some of the things I enjoy like scrapbooking, reading and baking.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE taking photos especially of the boys but I am by no means a professional, that's for sure. I love looking back on all the photos I take of the kids to see just how much they have changed and grown. Oh and I love a good self portrait or 10!!

I love my family and friends to pieces and would do anything for them.

Ok, enough about me unless you have anything you would like to know!!!

So now I want to know a bit about you guys!!!!

Next I will intriduce you to my eldest son Tate.



Thursday, 1 September 2011

Well here goes! Eeek!

Hello there,

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and have a look at this little blog of mine. I am hoping to blog 3 or 4 times a week but a guess that will all depend on how busy I get with my children.

Let me introduce myself, My name is Erika, I am a mother to 3 gorgeous boys. Tate is 10, Damon is 8 and Ethan is nearly 5.

I am really not sure what direction this little blog of mine will take but I do know that my boys will probably feature quite a bit.

Thanks for popping over. Hope to see you again.