Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Tired Boys!!

Is it just me or are all school kids exhausted at this time of year???

Term 4 seems to bring more tears, tantrums and sleep ins. They all just seem to be compltely and utterly exhausted.

This is Ethan's first year of school and he really has been a little sponge and the effect that has had on him is definately starting to show. This week will be a hard one for my tired and exhausted little guy, his school has a week of swimming lessons. So it should be an interesting week.

How are your kids holding up at this time of year?? Are they tired too or is it just mine??

Monday, 26 November 2012

Marathon Monday - Week 11

I am very excited that I only have two weeks to go of until I reach my 1st goal!!!

The goal for last week was to run 37km and I was only 1km short. Which I thought was pretty good considering Friday, Saturday and Sunday were all above 30 degrees.

This weeks runs will have to either happening the morning or in the early evening as this week the forcast is all days above 30 degrees and thursday we are expecting 39!!!! With night only getting down to 15 degrees.

The aim for this week is to not die of dehyration and run 38km. Fingers crossed people.

Friday, 23 November 2012

A day in my life!

I decided to show you all a day in my life, I chose Melbourne Cup day which probably was a bit silly because it is nopthing like a normal day but it was lots of fun!!!

All the photos are on Instagram with the hashtag #adayinthismamaslife

6:30am - Time to get up

7.30am - Coffeeeeeeeee

8:30am - Daddy's doing the school drop off so Mummy can get ready

9:30am - Making Fruit Salad to take with me

10:30am - At the TAB with the husband

11:30am - Organising the sweep and having my first drink (only on Melbourne Cup day)

12:30pm - Boys doing what they do best

1:30pm - Lunch

2:30pm - A new favourite drink

3:30pm - Getting an icre cream on the walk home (cause mummy cant drive today)

4:30pm - Chillin in the hammock chair

5:30pm - Trying to take a nic pic. Sorry Steve I cut your head off

6:30pm - Pool champ

7:30pm - Homework Time

8:30pm - Bedtime for this little dude

9:30pm - Bedtime soon

Thursday, 22 November 2012

I have a confession to make!!!!

Hi there, my name is Erika and I am addicted to American TV programs!!!

Yes people this is a serious problem!!! I downlaod a whole heap of shows each week as I cant wait for them to come on Aussie TV.

Some of the shows I am currently addicted to include Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, Hart of Dixie and Revenge. And that is just a few!!!

My 'problem' has definately decoe worse since I have been an umeployed, stay at home mum with all my children at school.

So I ask you all do you have any tips to help me get over this addiction or do I just give in to it? If so, do you have any recommendations of shows I should add to the list???

Monday, 19 November 2012

Marathon Monday - Week 10

Why hello there.

Week 10 of first 12 weeks and I am happy to report that I ran 36km.

With only 2 weeks left until I reach my first goal I am very proud of myself.

I am however really struggling to understand how I haven't lost any weight and had my Baba ask me if I was pregnant the other day. So while I am feeling really good about how my running is going I am getting rather depressed about the fact that I apparently now look pregnant!! :( (Which I'm not btw)

This week's running goal is a total of 37km, so let's get running.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Sick kids

This week for me started with the mother of all trantrums from my 11 year old. He is grounded for a week as a consequence.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning he woke up vomitting, he spent Tuesday at home from school sleeping on the couch. Tuesday afternoon my youngest told me that his chores were making him feel sick and being the wonderful mother I am I thought he was just trying to get out of his chores, until he came running into the house and vomitted all over the toilet.

He spent Tuesday night vomitting and sleeping most of Wednesday morning. By the time the other two boys got home from school wednesday he was right as rain.

My middle son always surprises me. He is the one you would think would be sick everytime something is going around but is always the one that never gets sick.

He was born 8 weeks early at 32 weeks and now has the most amazing ammune system. His doctors are always surprised by it too.

Such a horrible feeling when your children are sick and there is nothing you can do to help them. But I am happy to say we have now left spew town and hope to not be returning for a very long time.

Marathon Monday - Week 8 & 9

I am very happy to report that after the 32.2kms I ran last week my leg is feeling fantastic.

Last weeks goal was 32.2km and I am excited to say I ran a total of 33km.

This week in the training program is supposed to include a 10km race on Sunday instead of the long run so the total kilometres this week is only 30.5km, but since there aren't any on this weekend in Adelaide I will just follow the program and run my own little race against myself and try to beat my PB for the 10km I ran a few weeks ago.

Week 9 for me was not so successful. I thought that cause my husband had the week off that he would take the kids to school and I could go out for my run first thing but I think that happened once. I actually barely ran last week, which I am really disappointed about. The aim of week 10 is to stick to my plan and hopefully run a few extra kilometers to make up for the lack of running last week.

Week 10's goal is 35.3km so fingers crossed that I can run them all.

Have a lovely week everyone.