Thursday, 15 November 2012

Marathon Monday - Week 8 & 9

I am very happy to report that after the 32.2kms I ran last week my leg is feeling fantastic.

Last weeks goal was 32.2km and I am excited to say I ran a total of 33km.

This week in the training program is supposed to include a 10km race on Sunday instead of the long run so the total kilometres this week is only 30.5km, but since there aren't any on this weekend in Adelaide I will just follow the program and run my own little race against myself and try to beat my PB for the 10km I ran a few weeks ago.

Week 9 for me was not so successful. I thought that cause my husband had the week off that he would take the kids to school and I could go out for my run first thing but I think that happened once. I actually barely ran last week, which I am really disappointed about. The aim of week 10 is to stick to my plan and hopefully run a few extra kilometers to make up for the lack of running last week.

Week 10's goal is 35.3km so fingers crossed that I can run them all.

Have a lovely week everyone.

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