Monday, 30 April 2012

366 Photo a Day Photography Challenge - Week 17

Day 113: The last thing you bought

Day 114: Vegetable

Day 115: Something you're grateful for

Day 116: Looking Down

Day 117: Black & White

Day 118: Somewhere you went

Day 119: 1pm

366 Photo a Day Photography Challenge - Week 16

106: Sunset

107: Flower

108: Something you don't like

109: Hair

110: Orange

111: Something you drew

112: Bottle

Marathon Monday - Week 2

Hello Hello.....I'm back! A week late I know BUT my laptop DIED!!!! Lucky for me my husband is a computer fixer from way back and when he found some spare time he fixed it for me and now I'm BACK baby!!
So Week 1 went along really well, I am at the moment really enjoying my running and getting alot out of it!!

Having said that Week 1 didn't go exactly as planned and after chatting to friends about it, I worked out why!

I thought I was doing wonderfully being able to run 5km easy and thought why wouldn't I be able to up it?!?!

Well I didn't consider that fact that ALL of my running up until this point had been laps of the 400 metre running track at the Little Athletics Club at the end of our street. It's perfectly flat and nice and grassy and easy.

I then this week I took to road running! Then wondered why I was finiding it so difficult!!! The roads around my house are NOT flat, the hills aren't overly huge but when you are used to running on a flat soft track, the roads really take thier toll.

So I have adjusted my week 2 program to accomodate this and give my body a chance to adjust!!

So here is my Week 1 results:
                                                 Monday: 4km                      Ran: 4km                      
                                                 Tuesday: Rest                      Rest
                                                Wednesday: 5km                  Ran: 4km
                                                 Thursday: 6km                     Ran: 2km
                                                 Friday: 6km                          Ran: 4km
                                                 Saturday: 7km                      Ran: 5.37km
                                                 Sunday: Rest                        Rest

So taking into account how week 1 went here is my plan for Week 2:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 5km
Wednesday: 5km
Thursday: 5km
Friday: 6km
Saturday: 6km
Sunday: 7km

I am VERY much looking forward to this weeks runs and can't wait to tell you all about them next Monday!!

I thought I would help my training along and have decided to not drink ANY alcohol for the month of May! Wish me luck.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Marathon Monday - Week 1 - Let the fun begin

I am very excited to finally be back to seriously training for the 2013 Adelaide Marathon!

About a month ago I started running again and am now quite confidently running at least 5km each morning!
The only real problem I am having is my leg strength! So I saw a physio (for an unrelated back issue) and she told me some really easy exercises that I can do to help this little problem. So I do these exercises each morning after my run.

So here's how Marathon Monday is going to work.

I am going to put up each week my running schedule for the coming week and a review of how the previous week went compared to what I wanted to achieve. This time I am quite prepared for the fact that some weeks won't be what I am hoping for and some weeks will be better.

So here goes:

Normally Sunday's will be my long run day but I have a wedding to go to this weekend so I have swapped it around a little.

So I will be back here next monday to tell you all about how I went and how I felt! If you have any tips or advice for me along the way I would love for you to share it with me!!

366 Photo a Day Photography Challenge - Week 15

Day 99: Inside your wallet

Day 100: Younger you

Day 101: Cold

Day 102: Where you ate breakfast

Day 103: Stairs

Day 104: Something you found

Day 105: How you feel today

366 Photo a Day Photography Challenge - Week 14

Day 92: Your Reflection

Day 93: Colour

Day 94: Mail

Day 95: Someone who makes you happy

Day 96: Tiny

Day 97: Lunch

Day 98: Shadow

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Saying Good-Bye

Last week my heart was broken and it is going to take a long time for my heart to heal. I know that it will never fully be fixed but it will get easier and that is what I am holding onto. That, and the fact I need to stay strong and be here for my kids.

On Thursday, March 29th at 8.30am my Dido died.

When my phone rang at 4.41am I knew it was not going to be good news, unless mum was drunk and drunk calling me.........

I could barely understand what she was saying but I managed to get something about Dido taking a turn, I told her I would be at the hospital as soon as I could.

I threw on whatever clothes I could find (and I would wear these clothes for the next 36 hours), jumped into the car and drove straight to the Royal Adelaide Hospital. When I arrived at 5am I found my Mum and Baba and we went in together. I still had no idea what had happened but was praying that everything was going to be ok as soon as Dido saw Baba.

Oh how wrong I was.....

I will save you guys all the details but my beloved Dido had stopped breathing around 3am and they resusitated him but had a ventilator breathing for him.

We were taken to a room and told of the full extend of what had occured and what it ment. We were given time to sit with him and say out good byes.

All I could keep thinking was "This was never ment to happen, you were ment to live forever!"

The next week every waking moment was filled with family at my grand parents house.

My Baba and Dido got married when Baba was about 17 and Dido was about 21, they have been married for 64 years. My Baba lost the love of her life, the father to her children, her best friend. My mum lost her father, I lost my Dido and my children lost their great grandfather. Our lives will never be the same.

I have never cried so much in my life. I will share anouther post about the funeral and the impact this has had and is having on my children, but for now I am going to wipe away these tears and remember all the wonderful memeories I have of my Dido.


366 Photo a Day Photography Challenge - Week 13

Day 85: Breakfast

Day 86: Key

Day 87: Your Name

Day 88: Trash

Day 89: Feet

Day 90: Toy

Day 91: Where you relax


Good Morning Everyone,

Just wanted to pop in and apologise for being missing for so long.

At the end of March my Grandfather died and I have spent all of my time since with my family who are here from all over Australia.

I have also been trying to help my kids through this sad and stressful time.

I have lots of posts all ready floating around in my head and I will begin to write them down tonight!

So thanks for sticking around and I'll see you all soon.