Monday, 30 April 2012

Marathon Monday - Week 2

Hello Hello.....I'm back! A week late I know BUT my laptop DIED!!!! Lucky for me my husband is a computer fixer from way back and when he found some spare time he fixed it for me and now I'm BACK baby!!
So Week 1 went along really well, I am at the moment really enjoying my running and getting alot out of it!!

Having said that Week 1 didn't go exactly as planned and after chatting to friends about it, I worked out why!

I thought I was doing wonderfully being able to run 5km easy and thought why wouldn't I be able to up it?!?!

Well I didn't consider that fact that ALL of my running up until this point had been laps of the 400 metre running track at the Little Athletics Club at the end of our street. It's perfectly flat and nice and grassy and easy.

I then this week I took to road running! Then wondered why I was finiding it so difficult!!! The roads around my house are NOT flat, the hills aren't overly huge but when you are used to running on a flat soft track, the roads really take thier toll.

So I have adjusted my week 2 program to accomodate this and give my body a chance to adjust!!

So here is my Week 1 results:
                                                 Monday: 4km                      Ran: 4km                      
                                                 Tuesday: Rest                      Rest
                                                Wednesday: 5km                  Ran: 4km
                                                 Thursday: 6km                     Ran: 2km
                                                 Friday: 6km                          Ran: 4km
                                                 Saturday: 7km                      Ran: 5.37km
                                                 Sunday: Rest                        Rest

So taking into account how week 1 went here is my plan for Week 2:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 5km
Wednesday: 5km
Thursday: 5km
Friday: 6km
Saturday: 6km
Sunday: 7km

I am VERY much looking forward to this weeks runs and can't wait to tell you all about them next Monday!!

I thought I would help my training along and have decided to not drink ANY alcohol for the month of May! Wish me luck.

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