Monday, 18 June 2012

Friday Favourites - Ethan's Favourite Movies

This is Ethan

* He is my baby.

*He will be 6 in November.

*His favourite colour is Yellow and he idolises his big brother Tate

*He started school in Term 1 and took to it like a Duck to water, he loves it and is a little fountain of knowledge sucking it all in.

I asked him about his 5 favourite TV shows and realise by his answers that he in a minature version of his Dad.

Star Wars




Jack & Jill

I also believe that he is an old soul, he has done this all before as he knows things and has wisdom way beyond his years.

Next week topic is: Things I like to do with the kids

I would love to here about your favourite movies, am I the only ones whose 5 year old watches movies that are way beyond his years???

Marathon Monday - Week 6

Ok so now I'm kinda feeling better I am getting my running back on!

This weeks plan is a touch modified as I'm not sure where my fitness is at due to my lack of running!

Week 6 Plan:
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 4km
Wednesday: 5km
Thursday: 5km
Friday: 6km
Saturday: 6km
Sunday: 7km

Wish me luck, I think I'm going to need it!!

The 3 S's - Sick, Slack and Stressed

I have kinda been hibernating these last few weeks.

I have been sick, stressed slack and cold!

I haven't been running for about 3 weeks, I know, I know. I want to BUT it's been FREEZING!! No seriously freezing! But I promise I will start back up again TOMORROW!!!

Just after the Clipsal 500, back in March, after some advice from a friend, I went and got the mole on my forehead looked at. It hadn't been there long and was getting bigger. I am quite vigalant when it comes to my health due to my families medical history.

My paternal grand mother had breast cancer so I have a mamogram every 2 years.
My paternal grand father was a marathon runner and he died at 58 of a heart attack, I was 11.
My dad had his first heart attack at 44.
My maternal grand father died quite recently, he had alziemers and had at least 2 strokes.
As a result of all the genetic health goodness, I go once a year to get a complete health check, cholesterol, blood pressure, blood tests etc. This also includes getting my ALL of my moles checked.

The one on my forehead had been there less than 6 months when I visited my GP who immediately refered me to a plastic surgeon. Which is when my stressed began.

Last Wednesday I had my mole removed and tested. After what felt like a year of stressing over what the results might show I went back to the plastic surgeon to find out for sure. The results were that the mole had pre cancerous cells but because I had it removed when I did I had got it early and I am fine!

I have been more stressed by this than I thought I would be, perhaps it's just all the things that have happened so far this year building up but it really had me worried.

I did however work out the people I could count on and I was very surprised by that. Some of the people I call my best friends have absolutely no idea what has been happening with me in the last few weeks, not just with this but with my life in general. This has also made me more stressed as I have been really needing to talk. I have been reassessing my friendships and will be only be surrounding myself with positive, supportive people from now on that will call me just because, not wait for me to contact them all the time. This has been a really hard thing for me to do - letting go of the fact that it's not up to me to be the only one in the friendship to do "all the leg work". I really do feel like if I don't call or message then I really don't hear from some of my 'friends' and I have decided that enough is enough.

WOW big step!! But I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders!

So last week I was bed ridden with the flu, thankfully my mum was on hand to help me with the boys. Seriously, what would I do without my mum?? I am feeling better but not quite right.

But have decoded to hit the rest of this flu on the head with a run!!

So now that my major stresses are under control I have NO excuses not to start back with my normal routines. This in particular is my running!!!
My next goal is: 21.1km Half Marathon in October!!

Tate, Damon and I are doing the 12km City to Bay in September, then I will run my first Half Marathon in the beginning of October.

So wish me luck, I think I am going to need it!!!! :)

Monday, 11 June 2012

366 Photo a Day Photography Challenge Week 23

Day 155: On your plate

Day 156: Close Up

Day 157: Sign

Day 158: Hat

Day 159: Drink

Day 160: 6 o'clock

Day 161: Your view today

Sunday, 10 June 2012

366 Photo a Day Photography Challenge - Week 22

Day 148: Something Sweet

Day 149: The weather today

Day 150: A number

Day 151: Your Personality
Day 152: Something Beautiful

Day 153: Morning
Day 154: Empty

Friday, 8 June 2012

Friday Favourites - Damon's Favourite TV shows

This weeks post is a week late!!! Damon went off to his Dad's house last friday from school and I realised that I hadn't asked him about his favourites, so here it is:

This is Damon
He was born at 32 weeks and is anything but your typical premmie baby!!! Yes he had health issues early on but after he turned 3 months old he has been amazing health wise. He has some learning difficulties that we are helping him with and managing but otherwise he is your typical football obsessed 9 year old!!!!
* Damon's favourite colour is Blue
* He is obseesed with Hawthorn football club
*His favourite players is Buddy Franklin
* He wears number 12 when he plays footy
I asked Damon to give me a list of his 5 favourite TV shows, so here they are:

The Voice

The Block

The Simpsons

Australia's Got Talent

The Big Bang Theory

Tate and I decided that Damon has an obssesion with reality TV and also show that start with THE!

Next week it's little Ethan's turn he is telling us about his favourite Movies and his answers will definately surprise you!!!

See you then!!!!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

366 Photo a Day Photography Challenge - Week 21

Day 141: Something you can't live without

Day 142: Where you stand

Day 143: Pink

Day 144: Technology

Day 145: Something new

Day 146: Unusual

Day 147: 12 o'clock