Monday, 18 June 2012

Friday Favourites - Ethan's Favourite Movies

This is Ethan

* He is my baby.

*He will be 6 in November.

*His favourite colour is Yellow and he idolises his big brother Tate

*He started school in Term 1 and took to it like a Duck to water, he loves it and is a little fountain of knowledge sucking it all in.

I asked him about his 5 favourite TV shows and realise by his answers that he in a minature version of his Dad.

Star Wars




Jack & Jill

I also believe that he is an old soul, he has done this all before as he knows things and has wisdom way beyond his years.

Next week topic is: Things I like to do with the kids

I would love to here about your favourite movies, am I the only ones whose 5 year old watches movies that are way beyond his years???

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