Monday, 9 July 2012

Children & Grief

When my Dido died I thought I knew how each of my boys would handle it.

Tate is like me, he keeps everything bottled up inside not really showing much emotion until it all gets too much and he looses it completely.

Damon lets it out as he feels it, doesn't hide it and finds it easy to talk about things and gets frustrated with Tate and I when we don't.

Ethan on the other hand is a little bit of both boys.

Each of the boys have had thier moments in the last few months and are each still dealing with their grief and I am doing me best to help and support them in anyway I can.

Ethan said the sweetest thing a few weeks ago and I am finding that he has the most questions about it all still. He believes that Dido is in heaven with Tiger (our dog) and Aunty Kerry (my sister) and that Dido is in charge of the rain. So when it rains and he doesn't want it to, he looks up and says "OH come on Dido".

I will often find the boys talking about Dido, which normally ends up with one or all of us in tears. 

Ethan asked me the other when his heart will stop hurting, which just broke my heart.

It is getting easier and I think the more we talk and about Dido and remember him the less our hearts will hurt. At least I hope so anyway!

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Melissa {Suger} said...

My heart aches a little for you all. Thank you for sharing this, it's a reminder for all of us that we grieve differently.