Thursday, 26 July 2012

I could get used to this!!!!!

Today marks 1 whole week as an unemployed Mama!!!!

I must say, I am LOVING being able to drop the kids to school and do reading in Ethan's reception class. I finally feel like a real mama. I have been wanting this for sooooooo long.

I have also been enjoying things like:

* Coffee with friends

* Window Shopping with the bestie!!! (But only on her friday off)
*Trashie day time TV


* Washing clothes and not wasting what time I have with my kids doing housework!!

* Lunch with my Godfather!!!

*Taking my Baba out during the week to help her with the bits of pieces she needs to do and to just get her out of the house.

*I went to assembly at Tate and Ethan's school for the second time EVER!

*Did the food shopping on a Thursday during the day!

*Picking the kids up from school and having all the afternoon routine finished by 4.30pm and taking them to thier sports trainings

I am still looking for a job as we need the money at the moment.

Tonight I am off to dinner for the farewell of the 2 other girls that got made redundant as well. Then tomorrow I am going to assembly at Damon's school and cleaning the house! Jonesy is sceptical but will be very excited when he comes home to a sparkling house tomorrow.
I am looking forward to more of this but also findng some work to fill in the rest of my time or talking Jonesy into another baby.


River said...

I remember a similar excitement when I was made redundant, although my kids were older and only two of them were still at home. I spent the first week cleaning everything I hadn't got around to while working, then a few weeks catching up on reading and videos. After that I spent three years looking for a job while my redundancy cheque slowly melted away in living costs. Now that I'm employed, I once again wish I wasn't.

Neenish Arts said...

How wonderful for you! A blessing in disguise! How special for you to go to reading activities at school.
I love at the end how you have put 'Jonesy is skeptical' lol, reminds me of my partner hehe.
Good luck with the job hunting!

Mez said...

I recently got made redundant too after 18 years in my job. I was really happy about it and am loving being able to do thinks like all the ones you listed. I still want to work though or go to uni maybe but for now...bliss! Enjoy! Cheers, Mez from Back in G Town

Melissa {Suger} said...

Wow! What a change for you. Enjoy your time. I'm sure something else will come along all too quickly!