Wednesday, 8 August 2012

My Best Friend's Birthday

So my best friend's birthday was on the 11th July but we are busy and she decided that she would celebrate her birthday a few weeks later.

I would like to tell you about her a little and the venue she chose for her birthday lunch......

My best friend is..............................
*Lover of ALL things PURPLE
*Sister in Law
*Daughter in Law
*Most of all MY best friend

I met her through my husband, she is married to my husband's best mate and until I met her I hadn't had someone like her in my life. I've had friends before and best friends before but not like her!

I can honestly say that she is my best friend and one of the only people in my life I completely trust! She is the sister that I always longed for but never had! While still knowing and helping me through the fact that had a sister that I lost, miss and love.

For her birthday we went to the Gungellan Hotel for lunch. That might sound familiar as it was a feature in the TV series set in SA "McLeod's Daughter's". A show that she loves, no adores!!!! She has every season on DVD and when the homestead went up for sale she was at the open inspectiom, taking photo's of her favourite parts!!!!

Until I got the invite for her birthday lunch I didn't realise The Gungellan Hotel was an actual place.
I thought I might do what I do best and bake her a birthday cake.

Just so we all know I am NOT a professional baker and dont pretend to be but I love love to bake and create cakes.

So these are the cakes I drew my inspiration from.

From what I could tell from everyone, my cake was a huge success!!!

Happy Birthday Kel, Love you!!

Friday, 3 August 2012


Ok so I had this grand idea of starting a blog. I used the blogger templates and that was fine to start but now I want more, fancy, shiny, pretty, colourful and funky with all the bells and whistles but have NO idea how to do it!!!

My facebook button thingo works when it feels like it, it's just plain crazy.

I made a grab badge for my blog and for the life of me  I even had an email convo going with the very lovely and very patient Glow from Where's My Glow but I still couldn't work this out. So I removed it and gave up.

Then I was reading Tonya's blog The Crafty Mummy and her turorial on Blog makeover's and tried some of her ideas and still could NOT get things to work.

So I am sitting here realising that I am just no good at this technology stuff. I really should have paid more attention in high school.

I asked my 11 year old son to help me and he promptly informed me that he didn't have time between all of his school and sporting commitments. Nice hey??

Then I saw Suger's giveaway post for a blog makeover and knew that I HAD to enter it.

I'm fairly sure there will be sooooooooo many super creative entries but I still had to give it a crack. And if I don't win then I'm giving up and will probably pay someone to do it for me, when I finally find a new job.

I have so many idea and just don't know how to get them all onto the page and work together. It makes my head spin a little. Ok a lot!!!
So for now I am going to continue to try and change things and get forever frustrated and pull my hair out! So wish me luck!!!

Thanks for popping over!!!