Wednesday, 8 August 2012

My Best Friend's Birthday

So my best friend's birthday was on the 11th July but we are busy and she decided that she would celebrate her birthday a few weeks later.

I would like to tell you about her a little and the venue she chose for her birthday lunch......

My best friend is..............................
*Lover of ALL things PURPLE
*Sister in Law
*Daughter in Law
*Most of all MY best friend

I met her through my husband, she is married to my husband's best mate and until I met her I hadn't had someone like her in my life. I've had friends before and best friends before but not like her!

I can honestly say that she is my best friend and one of the only people in my life I completely trust! She is the sister that I always longed for but never had! While still knowing and helping me through the fact that had a sister that I lost, miss and love.

For her birthday we went to the Gungellan Hotel for lunch. That might sound familiar as it was a feature in the TV series set in SA "McLeod's Daughter's". A show that she loves, no adores!!!! She has every season on DVD and when the homestead went up for sale she was at the open inspectiom, taking photo's of her favourite parts!!!!

Until I got the invite for her birthday lunch I didn't realise The Gungellan Hotel was an actual place.
I thought I might do what I do best and bake her a birthday cake.

Just so we all know I am NOT a professional baker and dont pretend to be but I love love to bake and create cakes.

So these are the cakes I drew my inspiration from.

From what I could tell from everyone, my cake was a huge success!!!

Happy Birthday Kel, Love you!!


Annaleis @ Teapots and Tractors said...

Gorgeous purple cake! Love it! Sounds like you have a wonderful friend there, very special to have and find!

Kelly said...

Love you too hun (wipes tears away), i feel very honoured to be featured on your blog xxx
PS. Thanks for the cake, it was definately a hit!!!

sanind88 said...

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