Saturday, 21 July 2012

Friday Favourites - Things I like to do with the kids.

Now that I am a stay at home mum while I look for another job I have more time to spend with the boys, which is fabbo!!

Here are some of the things we enjoy doing around home.

The Local Park
This is always a big hit with the boys. It is also fenced in and has an area of grass, and a shelter with some table and chairs, so once they have had enough of the equipment they can kick the footy or soccer ball around and Mum can sit at the table and read or plan blog posts.

I know this doesn't sound like something that the kids would be all that interested in but when I suggest it they get very excited about it.
We normally head down to the Little Athletics Oval that is at the end of our street. It has a long jump pit, a 400 metre running track and in the middle of the oval an 80 metre sprint track. (All on the grass)
Tate, Damon and I normally run laps while Ethan plays in the sand. Ethan will run with us for maybe a lap but get bored and prefers to play in the sand.
It's awesome for burning some of the extra energy these boys seem to have and they enjoy it as much as I do. Win for everyone really.

Bike/Scooter Riding
There is a smallish riding track not far from home so when we have some time we load the trailer up with the kids bikes or scooters and head there. They LOVE it. There is all sorts of ramps and big and small half pipes. I sit and cringe but they seem t know what they are doing.

Mt Lofty
The kids and I enjoy going up to Mt Lofty there is lots to see and lots of space for Kite flying and football/soccer ball kicking. The boys love wandering through all the tracks and finding things they haven't seen before. The fresh air and exercise is just a bonus really.

Movie Night
One of our favourite ways to spend a saturday night at our house is a movie night. The boys get to take turns picking the movies that we watch and it always involves popcorn.

What thinkgs do you enjoy doing with your kids???

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