Friday, 8 June 2012

Friday Favourites - Damon's Favourite TV shows

This weeks post is a week late!!! Damon went off to his Dad's house last friday from school and I realised that I hadn't asked him about his favourites, so here it is:

This is Damon
He was born at 32 weeks and is anything but your typical premmie baby!!! Yes he had health issues early on but after he turned 3 months old he has been amazing health wise. He has some learning difficulties that we are helping him with and managing but otherwise he is your typical football obsessed 9 year old!!!!
* Damon's favourite colour is Blue
* He is obseesed with Hawthorn football club
*His favourite players is Buddy Franklin
* He wears number 12 when he plays footy
I asked Damon to give me a list of his 5 favourite TV shows, so here they are:

The Voice

The Block

The Simpsons

Australia's Got Talent

The Big Bang Theory

Tate and I decided that Damon has an obssesion with reality TV and also show that start with THE!

Next week it's little Ethan's turn he is telling us about his favourite Movies and his answers will definately surprise you!!!

See you then!!!!

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