Thursday, 8 September 2011

All about us. Part 4

Little Ethan's not so little anymore. He will be 5 in November and starting school in Term 1 next year, which I am no where near ready for! Who gave these kids permission to grow up, Mama's not ready for this!!!

Anyway, more about Ethan.

I think that he is a little old man trapped inside a 4 and a half year old's body. He is wise beyond his years!! He idolises his big brothers, which I know they love but also get frustrated with at times.

He loves everything that his dad loves. His favourite music includes Metallica and Pendulum, I know what your thinking. Metallica, really????? He knows all the words to all the songs its actually quite amazing!! He also loves Star Wars and can pretty much explain any of the movies to you.

His favourite colour is yellow and he love Transformers and the Cars movies. You will often find Ethan quietly playing with his cars on his car mat in his room, and he can do this by himself for hours!!

He makes friends easily and everyone loves him, he is very easy going.

This is my littlest man.

Ethan posing for mum! (He's well trained!)

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River said...

I didn't give my kids permission to grow up either, but grow they did. They're now 38 (T), 36 (M), 34 (K), and 30 (J). and two of the grandchildren are in year 12 already with another in year 10. The two youngest grandchildren are in primary school.
Time flies...