Monday, 19 September 2011

Marathon Monday (Week 1)

Last year I turned 30!!!!! (I know 30!) Anyway that's not really this point of this post!
At my 30th birthday birthday I made a decision, a big decision!! I am going to run a marathon!!! CRAZY YOU SAY! Why yes I think I might be.

I have amazing inspiration. My grandfather was a Marathon runner and trained every morning and every night, running anywhere between 20-30km a day. He died when I was 11 and nothing would make me happier than to be able to follow in his footsteps.

My amazing grandfather!

So having made this huge decision, I enlisted the help of my uncle,he wrote me out a program and even came running with me at 5am most mornings
He ran a marathon a few years back and runs all the time, who better to ask to help me out?!?!?!

It was all going really well and lasted about 8 months THEN... I got lazy and it all stopped, so now I am going back to beginning and starting my training all over again, this time I was thinking, what better way to keep myself motivate than to share it with all of you!!! That way I am accountable!!

Mondays are rest days so on Mondays monday mornings I will weight myself, which means I have to go and buy a battery for the scales as they died. The other rest days are wednesdays and fridays for now but that will change a little as we get going. Sunday is long run days, and again as I get going these will get really long!!!!!! 

Week One
Tuesday 5km
Thursday 6.5km
Saturday 5km
Sunday 6.5Km

At this point I am not really interested in times so I won't include them but as I get to the point that I can comfortably run 18km, it will be more about times and improving them.

Ok so wish me luck!!!!! Watch out Tuesday I have 5km to smash!!!!!!! Eeek!!!


River said...

Oh good luck with the running!
I'm not a runner, I'm barely a walker.
And even then I'd rather sit down.
Let's face it, I'm a lazybones.

shirley said...

glad to see you're keeping up the family tradition. found a pic of the cup won by your grandad, my cousin, in 1958 when he was club champion