Monday, 5 September 2011

All about us. Part 2.

Today is about Tate!!!!

Tate is my eldest son, he has just turned 10 and is in year 4.
He loves school and his favourite subjucts are Maths and Science, which I might add, he is quite good at. He loves to read and draw. His favourite colour is red and at the moment I can't tear him away from his iPod.

Lately I have been imagining what my boys will like as teenagers. I think Tate is going to be that teenager that is quiet and you will have to probe just to get a complete sentence from.

Tate has a great little sense of humour! He is becoming quite the little soccer player and he loves training and playing. I unfortunately know very little about soccer but love watching him play and love how excited he gets about it all.

So that is my Tate in a nutshell, I'm sure you will see and hear more about him as time goes on.

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