Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Photo Challanges for 2013

I love to take photos.

My kids love to pose for photos.

Not sure if my love of taking photos influenced that at all but either way it works for me.

This year I have decided that I am going to push myself to take nicer pics, and also document my kids over the year!

So I am doing two photo challenges, I won't be following any lists this time as I found that a little difficult. I want to be able to just see something that I like or funny that the kids are doing and use that.

The 2 photo challenges I am doing are:

365 Day Photo Challenge - Simple as it sounds take one photo each day

52 Week Challenge - This one is also as simple as it sounds, but I will be doing it for each of the boys individually and at the end of the year I am going to make them each a photo album of the years pictures.

I am still am unsure how I will share the 365 challenge with you as I think a blog post each day would probably be too much. So I'll keep thinking about it and let you know. In the mean time I have been uploading the photos daily to my facebook page.

I would love any other suggestions you have though.

The 52 week challenge I will share with you once a week on Tuesday mornings.

PS. There is no photo for this post as blogger is playing up and won't let me uplaod one! I will pop in and edit it once it decides to work again.


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