Monday, 18 March 2013

Endless Sport!!!!

Being the mother of 3 VERY active boys means that summer sports overlaps winter sports!!!

I was very much looking forward to a month of free weekends before the winter sports season kicked in but this weekend I got a very rude awakening.

My biggest baby made an U12's federation soccer team, they officially started their season today!!!! Little athletics finished today with my middle baby at Northern Improvers Day and my littlest baby with his last home meet for the season!

Footy doesn't start until May, although they start training in April, so I thought I at least had 2 weeks! But no!!!! Tate had his first official soccer game today, which I love but I was looking forward to some free time!

Next weekend my middle son is going to Santos Stadium to compete in Individual Championships in the 1100m Walk! Which he is both nervous and excited about!

To make my weekends even more interesting in winter all 3 boys games, whether it's footy or soccer, are all on Sunday's!!!! Fun times ahead!!!!!

Do your kids sports take over your weekend????

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