Monday, 6 May 2013

Marathon Monday

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 4.8km - Ran 5km
Wednesday: 4.8km - No Run
Thursday: 4.8km - No Run
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Cross Train - Ran 10.5km no Cross Train
Sunday: 11.2km - Ran 11.5km
Total: 24km - Ran 27km

I am pretty happy with this weeks effort considering I was sick Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Thinking I was better, I laced up Saturday morning ready to smash 10km to catch up, I ran 10.5km but holey moley it hurt. It hurt like it's never hurt before. I got a high stitch about 4km in and it stayed the entire rest of my run. My uncle always tells me to "RUN THROUGH THE PAIN" so that is exactly what I did!!

After being sick I decided it wouldn't hurt to add some extra supplements to my diet. This is my latest addition! Can't hurt right??

So let's get Week 3 started now that I am feeling much better.
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 4.8km
Wednesday: 6.4km
Thursday: 4.8km
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Cross Train
Sunday: 8km
Total: 24km

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