Monday, 10 September 2012

Bags, Bags, Bags...

I am on kind of a roll with the organising and decluttering of my house.

Today I decided to fix the area where the boys dump thier school stuff each afternoon.

So we started with this....

Then I popped down to Ikea and bought a book shelf and some boxes.
I also took down my husbands Metallica picture (YAY!!!) and this is how it turned out!
I think it is pretty good, if I do say so myself!! I think all I need is a picture above the shelf to finish it off.
The box next to thier school bag is for things of thiers that I find around the house. At the end of each week they need to empty the box and put it all away.
I am LOVING all this organising and am looking forward to another project but now I just need to decide what to do next!!! 
Thanks for popping over, see you next time.

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River said...

That's a huge improvement! Such organisation will see them through from first grade to uni.

My kids just dumped their bags in their rooms at the end of their beds. They'd detour to the kitchen first and put lunchboxes in the sink, then to the table to unload homework, then to their rooms to dump the bags and change clothes.