Thursday, 4 October 2012

I am freaking out!!!

I recieved an envelope in the mail yesterday and I was excited and scared to death at the same time!

It was my race number for the McLaren Vale event that I had registered for.

My freaking out may be compounded by the fact that my husband is away for the week and when he's away I don't sleep properly and him being away means it's just me and the kids and it's school holidays so there has been NO running!

I know, NO running in a week when I really need to be running as many kilometres as possible!

So I am freaking out.

I know shouldn't be, I know I have this covered but I'm still freaking out!

I have run further than 10km before, I have trained really hard up until this week, I am fitter than I expected to be by now and I have the support of my husband and the boys. But still I freak out!

All I can think about is running twice a day next week when the kids go back to school but my better judgement tells me that over training before an event is a really bad move, your supposed to taper off not double your running.

The other reason I think I am so nervous and freaking out so much is that this is the first of my mini goals on the way to THE big one.....The Marathon......

I have only been training properly for about a month so I wasn't expecting to get to this first goal quite so soon but having said that the fact I am at here so soon gives me a new confidence that I can actually do this (the marathon) and it's not going to beat me!

So enough ranting for one day, I'm off to get ready to take these kids to St Kilda playground for the day.

It's a beautiful day here, hope you enjoy your day as much as we are going to!!

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