Thursday, 7 February 2013

Keeping things organised!

This year I have decided that I need to try to change things up and keep things more organised! Now I know that this will be possible while I'm not working but I figured if I get the boys into the routine now, when  do find a job it will make things work much easier! 

That's my plan anyway!!! I guess time will tell!

As soon as the kids get home from school their bags go in their "lockers", I re-organised the bag area last year, you can read about that here.

Then they need to empty their bags and place their lunch box and drink bottle under their photo. 

Any newsletters or notes need to go on the clipboard.
(or on the bench under it if your Ethan and can't reach)

Then they need to do their chores that are listed under their photo

It's not much but it seems to be working so far.

The little white board is being used to let us all know what the boys have on during the week and which Term and school week we are currently in.

While the boys are busy doing their chores, I am normally making a start on dinner and supervising homework, which happens at our kitchen table.

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Neenish Arts said...

That's a great system! Good idea to have the photo and the chores list right where they unpack their bags. I like it!