Friday, 8 February 2013


I was made redundant back in July last year. At the time I felt quite good about it. Good for a couple of reasons, I got to spend more time with kids. I could pick them up from school and I could take Ethan into school in the mornings and do reading with him and I could take the kids to their sports training  And also because I was really unhappy in the job I was in and it was really having a negative effect on everything and everyone around me! 

I have during this time been applying for jobs, LOTS and LOTS of jobs and I have had a total of about 5 interviews.

It's really starting to get me down. The constant rejection.

The part that bothers me the most is that most places don't even acknowledge you. No letter or email to say thanks but no thanks, just NOTHING!!! I really do think it's rude!

ANYWAY, I had an interview on Tuesday (that I am still waiting to hear back from) and I got there early so I went down to Kikki K to have a browse and keep my mind off how nervous I was.

The woman who worked in there really was one of the loveliest people I have ever met! She was so positive and reassuring and all this from a woman I had just met. She gave me a sticker and the says 


She told me to stick it somewhere that I could look at it right before my interview and somewhere that I could see it regularly! 

My 5 minute interaction with this kind stranger left me feeling like I could take over the world! So for that I am so thankful! 

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Neenish Arts said...

I love random acts of kindness. What a lovely thing for her to do.

Hope something comes up soon for you hun! xoxox