Sunday, 30 October 2011


So I thought I had worked out how to schedule my posts and was being really clever and organised by writing them all and scheduling then but as it turns out I'm not so clever. Not one of them worked!!! :(

So I guess from now on I will write them as I go!!

Stay tuned for this weeks posts!!

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River said...

Here's how.

Write your post.

At the bottom, click on "post options", the window will change so that you'll see "scheduled at"

Change the DATE to when you want it published, change the TIME to when you want it published, take note of AM/PM, thta's important too. (remember the date is written the American way, month/date/year).

Then, this is important,
click on "Publish Post"

Your "edit posts" page should open showing you your post title and scheduled date and time.

To write and schedule another post, click on "new post" again and repeat the process for each successive scheduling.

Give it another try.
Good Luck