Friday, 5 April 2013

Hello April!!

I can't believe that it's already April!!! Where has the first quarter of the year gone??

This month has quite a couple of milestone birthday's for my family!

Tomorrow is my granma's, (no I didn't spell it wrong, she is scottish and when she says Grandma it sounds like Granma, so that's what we all call her!) 80th birthday!! 80! That's huge right?!?! 

She lost her husband, my granddad, 22 years ago. She has 4 children, 7 grandchildren & 10 great grandchildren and counting.

She still goes ballroom dancing a few times a week and likes keeping active, she's not big sitting around. She doesn't drive anymore so she either walks or catches the bus.

She is having her birthday dinner at her favourite dinner dance on Saturday night with just her family. So I guess I'll be dancing on dad's feet again!!

I am in the process of making her 80th birthday cake, I will be sure to post pictures next week.


The other milestone birthday we have this month is my middle son's 10th birthday!! I am still struggling to believe he is almost 10!!! He was born at 32 weeks and was so sick for the first few months I never thought he would get here! 

Next Friday night we are having a party for him at home. He is having 3 of his best friends sleep over, so it's going to be noisy!!!! He doesn't know it yet but his party has a theme and it's going to be a Hawthorm party, think yellow and brown! I know, why couldn't he go for a club with nicer colours?!?! I asked the same question.

So right now I am in my element party planning and baking my little heart out!! FUN!!

I will do a full post about his party sometime in the holidays (His party also happens to fall on the last day of Term 1)

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