Monday, 29 April 2013

Marathon Monday

I survived my the first week! 

Which sounds easy BUT it's week 2 of school holidays here in Adelaide and also the week my older 2 boys are off at their dads. So I have Ethan home with me all alone and that makes it a touch harder to keep him occupied while I run. 

And it's been raining! Now I love running in the rain but Ethan doesn't love sitting in the rain watching me run!! 

Thank goodness for my mum and her treadmill!!!

I have done my 3 week day runs on my mum's treadmill so that Ethan can watch telly while I run! 

Jumping from 4.8km to 9.6km was as hard as it sounded! But I guess I better get used to it as it's only gonna get harder!!! Bring it on I say!!

I feel really good about this week and am still riding high on the excitement of it all.

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 4.8km - Ran 5km
Wednesday: 4.8km - Ran 5km
Thursday: 4.8km - Ran 5km 
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Cross Train - 20 min Stairs climb
Sunday: 9.6km - Ran 10km
Total: 24km - Ran 25km

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 4.8km
Wednesday: 4.8km
Thursday: 4.8km
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Cross Train
Sunday: 11.2km
Total: 25.6km

One thing that did bother me was the "not quite whole kilometres", I can't wrap my head around the running 4.8km instead of 5km, so I think I will be rounded them up to the closest half kilometre. 

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Kylie @ Octavia and Vicky said...

Wow, you're doing great! I am walking at the moment and might start running when I am fit enough. Are you doing the mother's day classic?