Monday, 22 April 2013

The return of Marathon Monday!!!!

I am VERY excited to report that I am over my injury and Marathon Monday officially resumes today! 

So here goes:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 4.8km
Wednesday 4.8km
Thursday: 4.8km
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Cross Train
Sunday: 9.6km
Total: 24km

I am not sure what the cross training will be each week but it will probably be changed up with Fartlek and Interval training and some Mt Lofty runs or walks.

I also went to Rebel sports on the weekend and had a chat with one of thier helpful staff and now have this fabulous drink to give me a little help! Hopefully the extra magnesium will help my cramp prone legs!

So the official date of the Marathon is Sunday August 25th! Sounds so far but really isn't!!! 

Wish me luck, hopefully this time around I can stay injury free and make it to the finish line!!!!

I am linking up with Running Bloggers for the very first time.
I am hoping i have done my link up properly!!! (If not please let me know!)


AmyC @ running escapades said...

Coming back from an injury is awesome! Good luck!

Christopher Malenab said...

your marathon might seem far on the calendar but will be there in no time ... good luck in training!

Zaneta said...

It must be up right cuz I found your blog through the link up! :)
Good luck!! Hope you stay injury free now!!
Unfortunately my blog is about injury today that hasn't healed completely yet :(

Ima Mosier said...

Good luck with your training!