Friday, 11 November 2011

101 in 1001 days

Some time ago I made this 101 things I want to do in 1001 days list, I am slowly crossing things off of my list!

So today I thought I would share it with you all, so here goes:

1. Get my first even massage
2. Get my first ever facial
3. Colour my hair regularly
4. Get to my goal weight of 54kg
5. Buy a new outfit (Once I get to my goal weight)
6. Try to drink at least 2L of water a day
7. Try Zumba
8. But a Wii Fit
9. Stop/cut back on my swearing
10. Write down my dreams and find out what they mean
11. Buy myself something at least twice a year
12. Buy a Kitchen Aid
13. Catch up with friends at least once a month
14. Cut down on drinking alcohol
15. Complete my 52 weeks photo project
16. Complete my 365 day photo project
17. Write my next 101 in 1001 days list
18. Buy something from those pretty clothes shops I gaze at on Prospect Rd
19. Get 2 more tattoos

20. Save at least $2000
21. Save at least $5 a week

22. Make my veggie patch
23. Make my herb garden
24. Make a home inspiration journal
25. Start my inspiration board
26. De-clutter the house
27. Buy a new bed
28. Sort & Organise the hallway
29. Finish the lounge
30. Start the kitchen
31. Paint Ethan's room
32. Sort and tidy Ethan's room
33. Sort and tidy our room

34. Have Christmas at home
35. Start a family tree
36. Start a 2011 family album
37. Complete family albums for 2001 - 2010
38. Finish 1 album for each of the boys
39. Play sports with the boys at least once a fortnight
40. Have a family photo shoot
41. Get 2 new dogs
42. Make kites with the boys then fly them
43. Go on a houseboat
44. Have a Harry Potter marathon day with Damon
45. Go running with Tate once a month
46. Take Ethan to the park once a month

47. Make a patchwork quilt
48. Set up a facebook page to sell the things I make
49. Make the boys an advent calendar
50. Make picture from 15 & 16 into photo books
51. Make calendars for family for Christmas 2012

52. Try 10 new recipes (4/10)
53. Bake more often
54. Take cake decorating lessons
55. Make a cake for anyone who wants one
56. Make at least 12 different variety cupcakes (2/12)
57. Organise and sort all of my recipes
58. Bake cupcakes WITH my boys

59. Try 12 new places to eat (1/12)
60. Take the boys to the Botanic Gardens
61. Take the boys to Mt Lofty
62. Take the boys to feed the ducks
63. Take the boys to the Hills Botanic gardens
64. Take boys to the beach
65. Take boys to the movies
66. Take the boys on a picnic
67. Go to Melbourne with Damien
68. Go on a girls' weekend
69. Visit at least 4 new wineries (0/4)
70. Go fishing
71. Take the kids to pat a Koala at Cleland

72. Make advent calendars for the boys
73. Throw Ethan a 5th birthday party
74. Throw Tate a 10th birthday party
75. Throw Damon a 8th birthday party
76. Take the boys on a mini holiday
77. Take the boys fishing

78. Watch the entire series of entourage
79. Watch the entire series of Gossip Girl
80. Watch the entire series of Dawson's Creek
81. Watch the entire series of Gilmore Girls
82. Buy an iPod dock
83. Buy an address book and fill it with family and friends
84. Have a movie marathon day
85. Watch the sunset while drinking champers
86. Plan the weeks meals in advance
87. Watch at least 5 movies at the cinema (2/5)
88. Take the kids to the cinema at the Botanic Gardens
89. Give blood
90. Look into photography course.
91. Buy a new laptop

92. Run on the beach once every 6 months
93. Run 2 half marathons
94. Run 1 marathon
95. Run 10 fun runs
96. Buy an iPod nano for running music

97. Read an autobiography
98. Read a biography
99. Read 10 other books
100. Read something by Jane Austin
101. Get excited that I finished my list!!!!!!

So there you go, slowly crossing things off!!

Do you have a 101 list?? Or a bucket list? I would love to read yours!


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