Tuesday, 1 November 2011

10 things you (didn't) need to know about me!!

Some time ago Laura from Spotty Owl Design tagged me in a little game of 10 things (that you didn't need to know about me!!! SOrry it's taken me so lomg but this was harder than I thought it would be!!!! But anyway, here goes.............................

1. When I was younger I wanted to have 8 children. Yes I know 8!! I have 3 boys now and would LOVE another one if only I could talk the husband into it!!!!!

2. I actually LOVE to run, I really just hate the getting up at 5am part!!!

3. I had a younger sister who died of SIDS when she was 8 months old (I was 2.5yrs old) So my family are HUGE supporters of Red Nose Day!!!

4. My dream job is to be a Primary School Teacher, I have finished the first 2 years of the course and hope to finish the last 2 years soon. (Hopefully)

5. I LOVE dress up parties!!!! (As long as anyone goes to at least a little bit of effort)

6. I HATED maths at school and now I am working in job where it's all about numbers and I am LOVING it!!!! Weird!!

7. I HATE cooking but LOVE to bake!!!! Anything with sugar is my specialty. The exception to that rule is the Ukrainian food that I am learning to cook from my Baba!!!! I can't wait to pass on what I have learnt to one of my boys or thier wives!!!!

8. My middle son was born 8 weeks prematurely!!! Scariest moment of my life to date!!!!

9. I LOVE scary movies!!!!! The scarier the better!! My mum is convinced that it's because she was read The Amityville Horror book while she was pregnant with me.

10. I found this list really hard to write!!! Who would have thought!!!!

Ok, so the deal is now to pass it on to 5 others (sorry if you have already done it)

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