Monday, 14 November 2011

Point & Shoot - Christmas Pageant

Saturday was the 2011 Adelaide Christmas Pageant, it was a gorgeous 30 degree day. And my awesome mum got into the city at 4.30am to get her favourite pageant spot and save us a place. Here are just a few of 161 pics I took in the 75mins we were there.

Damon's Favourite

Tate's Favourite

Ethan's Favourite

Possum Magic

A new float this year!!! My favourite

Can't forget Nipper

Or Nimble

Loving the concentration on thier faces

And the big guy!!! Father Chrsitmas is in town!!!

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1 comment:

River said...

You got great photos!!
I didn't remember it was pageant day until I was walking down Wakefield St towards Central Market and saw the crowds.
Then I climbed onto a concrete block thingy and took photos of whatever was tall enough for me to see over the heads of people. Some of the pics are on my blog.