Friday, 25 May 2012

Friday Favourites - Tate's Favourite Books

For today's Friday favourite I thought I would get my eldest son Tate involved.

This is Tate:

* He is 10 turning 11 in August

* He loves sports, running and soccer are his favourites

* He likes reading, Andy Griffiths is his favourite author, as you'll see.

* His favourite colour is Red.

I asked Tate to give me a list of his 5 favourite books and it took him all of about 2 seconds, so here they are:

Just Tricking by Andy Griffiths

Specky Magee By Felice Arena & Gary Lyon

Just MacBeth by Andy Griffiths

Just Crazy by Andy Griffiths

Pencil of Doom by Andy Griffiths

We would love to hear some of you children's favourite books, Tate might find some new ones.

Next weeks my middle son Damon is going to share with us his 5 favourite TV shows, see you then.

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