Sunday, 27 May 2012

Nuffnang Blogopolis 2012

I am MORE than a little excited that I am heading to Sydney at the end of June for this year's Nuffnang Blogopolis. 

My mum and I are heading to Sydney together on the friday morning. So far our plan is to go shopping in the city on the friday. Then on the Saturday while I'm at the conference mum will be spending the day with her best friend, who just happens to live in Sydney. Then Sunday before we head home we are planning on some more shopping and lunch. 

I remember looking at everyone's Intagram photo's and blog posts last year and told I told my husband "I'm so going to that next year", so when I found out that the tickets had been released and I mentioned it to him, his response was "So you bought your ticket then?". I hadn't but jumped online and bought it straight away!! And have been super excited ever since!!!

So with only 33 days to I am getting more and more excited. I keep checking the atendees list and adding people to list of bloggers I would love to meet! It's funny I read so many of thier blogs and kinda feel like I know them a little.
So if your going to be there and you happen to see me please come and say "Hi", I'll be the nervous one!!

And I promise to take lots of photos and a write a couple of posts to tell you all about it!!

If your going or have been in there past I would love to here your tips and things I should take with me.

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