Monday, 7 May 2012

Marathon Monday - Week 3

Well hello there, great to see you back!!

Week Two really sucked! Sorry but it did!!!

I was going well with the running then on Thursday morning I got the headache from hell. The entire left side of my head and face were so sore. It got so bad that the vision from my left eye was blurry!! Panadol and Nurofen weren't helping so I toddled off to the chemist thursday night and grabbed soemthing a little stronger. This helped a little but not much really. Anyway, this lovely headache hung around until saturday afternoon.

So I didn't run from Wednesday night!!! See this week really did suck!

Week 2 recap:
Monday: Rest - Ran: 4km
Tuesday: 5km - Ran: 3km
Wednesday 5km - Ran: 3km & 5km
Thursday: 5km
Friday: 6km
Saturday: 6km
Sunday: 7km
Total: 34km Ran:15km

So I am going to pretend last week never happened and try to do the runs I had planned last week, this week.
Week 3 Plan:
Monday: 5km
Tuesday: 6km
Wednesday: 6km 
Thursday: 7km
Friday: 8km
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 7.5km
Total: 39.5km

Sunday is Mother's Day and the kids and I will be participating in the Mother's Day Classic at Elder Park. Tate and I are running the 7.5km, Damon is running/walking the 4.5km and my Mum and Ethan are walking the 4.5km. My rest day this week will be saturday so that I am all rested for the Mother's Day Classic.

Anyone else participating in the Mother's Day Classic??

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