Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Marathon Monday - Week 5

Can I rewind and pretend last week didn't happen???? Oh wait it didn't!!

I was really sik last week and didn't get out of the house for 1 run!! Not 1! I know, I know......totally disappointing but I have a really good excuse I promise! I had a sinus infection and my whole head ached and felt like it was going to explode! Cold air just seemed to make it worse. So no running from me last week.

So this weeks plan will be exactly what I had planned last week! Funny that!!
I am feeling much better, health wise and am using my running this week as a plan to vent my frustrations and clear my head!! I need it already!!!

Week 5 Plan:
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 7.5km
Wednesday: 8.5km
Thursday: 10km
Friday: 11km
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 12km
Total: 49km

Thanks for stopping by........I'd love to hear about everyone elses week too

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Neenish Arts said...

are you really running those distances? I think I could do 3km! Best of luck!